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Vision Therapy


Optometrists define vision therapy as an attempt to help develop or improve one’s visual skills and abilities; improve visual comfort, ease, and efficiency. Vision therapy is like physical therapy for the entire visual system. The majority of vision problems such as Amblyopia (lazy eye), Strabismus, and other binocular vision problems can be treated with a program of optometric vision therapy, including in-office visits with small daily exercises at home. Each program is designed to fit the specific needs of the patient.

Common symptoms of vision problems would include:

  • Holds reading material closer than normal
  • Frequently rubs eyes
  • Complains of headaches
  • Closes or squints one eye
  • Tilts head to the side
  • Requires extra time to finish homework
  • When reading, reverses letters (b’s & d’s)
  • Rereads lines or skips lines when reading

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